About Us


Crane River Theater Company‘s Mission is to serve the community of Kearney and surrounding areas as a professional theater production company providing a home for the presentation, education and promotion of the arts. While other artistic venues provide a home for volunteer artists and for professional touring productions, our goal is to merge the two philosophies. Crane River Theater Company provides the unique quality of using professionals from across the country and mixing them with local artists to create innovative productions. There are few opportunities for resident performers to work alongside professionals, and we hope to afford them that opportunity. We hope to build on the momentum that the community has already shown toward the arts through exceptional venues like the Kearney Community Theatre, Yanny Park’s Cope Amphitheater and Merryman Performing Arts Center, thus allowing Central Nebraska to become a destination for theater, music and dance. CRTC was established around the belief that lifting up the arts will only help in creating a richer and more vibrant community.