Individual Giving


    • Name Listed in the Season Program


    • Name Listed in the Season Program


    • Name Listed in the Season Program
    • Special Invitation to Donor Reception


    • Name Listed in the Season Program
    • Special Invitation to Donor Reception
    • Two Complimentary Summer Season Tickets


    • Name Listed in the Season Program
    • Special Invitation to Donor Reception
    • Four Complimentary Summer Season Tickets


    • Name Listed in the Season Program
    • Special Invitation to Donor Reception
    • Four Complimentary Summer Season Tickets
    • Four Complimentary Tickets to Crane River Theater’s Overture Dinner


$5,000 and up
    • Name Listed in the Season Program
    • Special Invitation to Donor Reception
    • Six Complimentary Summer Season Tickets
    • Six Complimentary Tickets to Crane River Theater’s Overture Dinner

Meet Our Individual Givers

Babbitt, Dave
Banzhaf, Cory and Jamie
Barth, Ken
Beck, Donna
Beltzer, Sharon
Birdwell, Walter and Pam
Britton, Virginia
Christensen, Denise
Dakan, Mary
Dickinson, Candice
Dobish, Peggy
Driml, Brad
Dumke, Ronald and Barbara
Dunham, Darrell and Jacy
Farris, TJ
Forney, David and Carolyn
Frizzell, Rebecca
Gearheart, Michael and Ruth
Glasser, Elaine
Hansen, Marlene and Tommy
Harris, Riley and Joan
Heiden, Bob
Hood, Judy
Howitt, James and Charlene
Hundley, O.E. and Mildred
Hunt, Robert and Paula
Jansen, Emily
Jenkins,Brian and Lori
Johnson, Dick
Karschner, Wayne and Monie
Kempf, Fred and Betty
Krier, Kelly
Lambert, Marci Jo
Larson, Kyle and Lindsay
Loschen, Roger and Sharon
Luther, Chelsea
Luther, Shara
Madsen, Tom and Franny
Marshall, Hayley
McLaughlin, Donna
Menke, Jerry and Carolyn
Miller, Rosemary
Morrow, Gordon and Mary
Morse, William and Jo Ann
Newman, Troy and Christy
Peterson, Ron and Carolyn
Rewerts, Verlyn
Seely, Jennifer
Sickler, Terry and Judi
Sidwell, Scott and Jean
Stamm, Victoria
Stittle, Phyliis
Stocker, Deb
Stogdill, Debra
Stritt, John
Synek, Michael
Weides, Gregory and Cheryl
West, Ashley
Wheeler, Dennis and Marta
Zikmund, Dale and Annabell
Zutavern, Charla
Bartels, Brian
Bartels, PJ and Dorann
Beckmann, Terri
Bierman, Betty
Bigelow, Brad and Karen
Bissell, Josephine
Bradford, Steve and Brooke
Celis, Prissy
Cisler, Valerie
Clymer, Mark and Sandra
Dering, Judy
Domnick, Ryan and Jill
Dowdy, Bob and Annette
Evers, Michael and Rebecca
Falk, Glenn and Judith
Fougeron, Myron and Iola
Fronczak, Janice
Gilbreath, William and Shirley
Hansen, Spencer and Abby
Harter, Logan
Harter, Michelle
Hartman, Joan and Helen Marshall
Henning, Cecilia
Henning, Chad
Henning, Judy
Henning, Makenna
Hinrichs, Gene
Hoffman, Roger and Sharon
Howe, Scott and Michele
Kauders, Richard and Audrey
Kommers, Phillip and Mary
Lawson, Kristi
Leach, Shawn and Rachel
Makowski, Robert and Christine
Marshall, Robin and Judy
Martin, Bruce
Moncrief, Robert and Sandi
Muller, Gordon and Beverly
Nelson, Pat and Mary Louise
Nickel, Kathryn
Nikels, Ken and Diane
Peterson, Audrey
Peterson, Pete and Linda
Psota, Gary and Rita
Purdy, Jacqueline
Rademacher, Earl
Schroeder, Sharon
Shea, Greg and Sanae
Spangler, Barb
Spellman, Richard and Judy
Stevenson, Barbara
Stirtz, Geraldine
Tesdall, Greg and Ruthann Kaufman
Torres, Jennifer
Vosik, William and Linda
Wallwey, Greg and Becky
West, Chuck and Liz
Anderson, Robert and Lisa
Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Atchison, Mary
Bauer, David and Ann
Bauer, Josh and Heidi
Bauer, Mark and Elizabeth
Beechner, Richard and Barbara
Bergstrom, Mary
Bowman, Brett and Shawntelle
Bowman, Kay
Brooke, Carla
Brown, Dwayne and Margaret
Bryson, Michael and Sally
Bugay, Steve and Janet
Cameron, Shannon and David Cannon
Dop, Gary and Liz
Dulitz, Jerry and Nancy
Edwards, Al and Carma
Fairbanks, Jim and Marsha
Frasier, Charles and Glenda
Gappa, Wayne and Kathryn
Garrelts, Wayne and Barb
Hanson, Timothy and Ivy
Hoagstrom, George and Lola
Hobbs, Robert and Artie
Hornor, Tim and Alexandra
Hough, Cheryl
Hranac, Richard and Kathleen
Johnson, Lynn and Bernadene
Kingsley, Cathie
Koepke, Gene and Connie
Kreis, Chuck and Wendy
Love, Connie
Lowe, Andrea
Mathis, Bill and Laura
Murdoch, Stan and Pamela
NebraskaLand National Bank
Neff, Patricia
Nickel, Helen
Norblade, Paul and Judy
Oldfather, Al and Germaine
Olsen, Sally
Ourada, Ron and Connie
Peterson, Jill
Purdy, Lee
Roberts, Ronny and Kimbra
Roeder, Doug and Jolly
Roth, Cheryl Ann
Sinnard, Terry and Peg
Smith, Lori
Stark, Terry and Drucie
State, Emily
Stone, Roger and Hannah
Stuart, Fred and Nancy
Teply, Darrell and Jane
Townsend, David and Peggy
Turk, Betsy
Wayman, Troy and Barb
Weber, Norma
Wirth, Peggy
Wubbels, Gene and Joyce
Younes, Paul and Linda
Aden, Dean and Gaylene
Berglund, Ed and Mary
Davis, Gary and Deb
Fisher, Harvey and Barbara
In Memory of Gary E. Henning
Homan, Steve and Jeni
Jacobson, Colleen
Jossi, Phil and Jane
Kenagy, Bill and Trish
Luth, Richard and Gwendolyn
Merryman, Barb
Ross, Bill and Jeanne
Sage Family Fund
Shaffer, Robert and Tova
Shoemaker, Mel and Arlene
Sinnard, Bill and Jennifer
Speirs, Dan and Julie
Stover, Todd and Althea
Syverson, Tom and Tricia
Tracy, Kenneth and Alicia
Botsford, Bill and Bonnie
Barth, Jim and Yvonne
Botsford, Stephen and Janet
Bowman, Dottie
Heiden, Norman and Lorraine
Hood, Brent
In Memory of James Knispel
Marlatt, Jerry and Edith Family Foundation
Miller, Joseph and Linda
Parker, Doug and Alicia
Reiber, Tom and Sue
Sayles, Nancy
Uhlman, Rod and Delaine
Warren, Jeff and Betty
York, Tom and Mary
Young, Bob and Ann
Applegate, Jerry and Diane
Bamford, Donna
Barth, Gary and Jenny
Barth, Scott and Natalia
Hellman, Jerry and Tami
Henning, Tom and Mary
Homan Family Foundation
Lewis, Stephen and Julie
Longfellow, Stan and Gay
Tremblay, Jon and Rita
Wallace, Bob and Susan